Unfamiliar with St. Louis? Please Let us Know!

Corporate Housing St. Louis Locations

The various types of corporate housing St. Louis has to offer provides a wide range of possiblities. Areas of town, properties, amenities, convenience, and area attractions are but a small portion of the things to consider when you're looking for fully furnished apartments for a short - or long term - stay in St. Louis. Our customers include individuals and companies who have vastly different levels of experience with our city. Some know the region well, some have been here frequently, while othes have only stayed once, stopped in for a day, flew over, or have no idea what St. Louis (or Saint Louis?) is all about. We can help.

Locations and areas of town are usually one of the first questions that we ask about what you need when staying here. While it's good to know where you're working, staying, or would like to be close too, those locations may not always be the best fit for what you're looking for. Price is almost always an issue, so we strive to get you a great location, with a price that fits your budget. While this is usually obtainable, there may be times when drive a few extra minutes would be worth the savings, espcially when we can find you an apartment that better fits your needs. Do you have a pet? If so, would you like to be on a property with lots of grounds, or close to a park? We have multiple locations that are pet-friendly. Do you need a garage? Most places don't have these, but we offer units with garages - some are attached to the unit!

The point is, if you are unaware of all of what St. Louis (or Saint Louis!) has to offer - be sure to ask. Our entire staff is from St. Louis - born and raised. We'll ask you specifically what you're looking for, but if we don't cover a topic that is something that you'd like to have, please let us know. As with any city, St. Louis has it's range of communities, apartments, amenities and attractions.  We can help find you the best fit for your specific needs for each of these.  

Please consider St. Louis Corporate Housing for your interim, short or long term corporate housing needs for furnished apartments in the St. Louis area. Click here or call 314-200-4350 to get started.

BTW - we write/type St. Louis with the 'St.', but you can do it any way that you'd like! :-)