Why Corporate Housing in St. Louis needs 'boots on the ground'...

Why Corporate Housing in St. Louis needs 'boots on the ground

As with any city anywhere in the world, if you're born and raised there, you're going to know that town better than someone who wasn't. One of the biggest benefits of working with St. Louis Corporate Housing, is that every one of our associates is a St. Louis native. So we're not only knowledgeable about restaurants, shopping, sports and entertainment venues etc., but we can offer an insiders-view of the pulse of what's going on in the St. Louis area. The history of St. Louis also plays a big part in it's future, and St. Louis Corporate Housing is proud to offer a unique perspective of the what's happened, and what is coming up within St. Louis and the surrounding region. 

In the coming months, we will be expanding our blog to include all kinds of updates on what to do in and around St. Louis, along with some insider's notes that will make you feel right at home. Check back in soon!

- Rich

General Manager

St. Louis Corporate Housing

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