Beyond the Normal Corporate Housing St Louis Experience - What Makes Us Different [Updated 2020]

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Corporate Housing in St. Louis : The Difference

Maybe you've been there before: signed up with one of those national or regional chains that put you into something that wasn't something that you'd consider to be very good, and then take care of you afterwards. That will not happen to you with St. Louis Corporate Housing, because we are not your typical corporate housing company. Here's why we're the best choice for your needs in St. Louis:

- We service ONLY the St. Louis area.

- We have staff that is ALL located in St. Louis. We take care of your needs personally. 

- We are all St. Louisans, born and raised. We know St. Louis better than any national chain.

- Customized Units: we're personally furnish and decorate your unit for your needs. Our setup is not a cookie-cutter, sight-unseen 'whatever' solution. Our staff prepares each unit so that you are completely satisfied.

Customer Service - our level of customer services is above and beyond all competitors.  We will be there for whatever you need. Call, text or email. We will actually answer. Who'd a thunk it? :-) 

Why do we go above and beyond? 
- Our Reputation. When it comes down to it, this is one of the biggest factors that sets us apart. We do what needs to be done, and we do it WHEN it needs to be done - especially if it's a right-now-drop everything need. We don't push off responsibility. 
oh, and...
- Price. Let us know what you're looking for at our Corporate Housing St Louis "get started" page and we'll be in touch with rates priced at or below any of our competitors. In the rare cases where our pricing isn't lower, let us know and we can usually meet or beat any price.
If you're ready to get started, click here. Or contact us at any if you have any questions: info [at] (subject: I%20have%20a%20question..., body: (type%20your%20question%20here!))