St. Louis Corporate Housing

Executive Housing Simplified

Planning to renovate your home or just attend a friend’s wedding and looking for rented accommodation? We at St. Louis Corporate Housing ensure that we what offer you with our fully furnished corporate apartments, would make you give a second thought before booking a hotel room.

We understand that staying in 4/5 star hotels can cost you big time for long stays, without making you feel homely. Be it business tours or a few days layover while you’re looking for a new home, we entertain flexibility in the number of days you would want to stay with us. Here, at St. Louis Corporate Housing, we offer these fully furnished apartments at much lower rents and facilitate you with all the home-like amenities that you can accept this place as a home away from your home.

Reasons that make us better than our competitors:

  • Lesser Rents Than Hotel Bills To Fit In Your Budget
  • Single Price For Everything
  • Fully Furnished Corporate Apartments St Louis For You
  • Well Equipped With Amenities
  • Stay In Prime Location Of St. Louis Area

Temporary Stay Housing in St. Louis area can be really costly and one might need to pay for different amenities separately, which in totality, can be a burden for the person who stays or for the sponsor company, if it’s a business tour. We offer extended stay apartments for those who look for cost effective yet luxurious options to stay. To buy your smile, we don’t charge you separately for different facilities and have a single bill that covers everything and ensures a hassle free stay for you even if you want to stay for longer than what was originally planned. This makes us the best corporate housing St Louis area. You Are Welcome To Stay With Us And Have A Great Experience Here.