Corporate Renters: Check Out These Trending St. Louis Neighborhoods

St. Louis Corporate Housing has been growing in popularity because it offers more flexibility than a traditional hotel room. You get a voice in choosing the size of the apartment, the type of layout you would like, and the location.

One of the biggest steps in the corporate housing planning process is picking out the apartment you will be living in. This can be challenging for many our clients, considering they are leaving home with little-to-no information about their destination. Thankfully, temporary housing in St. Louis comes in a variety of different options, from prime real estate downtown to a more casual setting in the suburbs. Our St. Louis Corporate Housing team put together a list of trending neighbors in the area to get you started.

Hi-Pointe: A Destination Location for Young Working Professionals

St. Louis is full of niche neighborhoods that offer charm and character. Hi-Pointe is definitely a contender when it comes to choosing temporary housing, especially for younger working professionals. It has a lot to offer its residents, including accessibility, a great nightlife, and appealing architecture. It is also known for being well-maintained, giving each renter a clean and comfortable community to live in. So, if you’re looking for the perfect mix of convenience and entertainment, Hi-Pointe should be on your radar.  

Central West End: An All-in-One Neighborhood for People on the Go

St. Louis Corporate Housing has a variety of options nestled in active, “hands-on” communities. Central West End is one of those special places. There is an abundance of restaurants and bars for you to choose from in this business district, so you won’t get worn out on the same meals during your temporary stay. Even better, almost all of these places are within walking distance from residential living, so you won’t have to travel too far. There are also plenty of other stops along the way to peak your interest, like antique and hobby shops, world-renowned architecture, and annual festivals throughout the summer.

Carondelet: A Perfect Fit for the History Buff

Corporate rentals don’t need to have a cookie-cutter feel. At the heart of St. Louis is Carondelet, a historic neighborhood that dates back to the 18th century. If you’re someone who appreciates the backstory behind a place you visit, you will love the colonial and French-inspired features in this neighborhood.

Clayton: A City of Hidden Surprises

St. Louis has some hidden gems, and one of them is the city of Clayton. This premier city has something to offer all of its temporary residents, regardless of whether they are staying for work or pleasure. From an outside perspective, it might just seem like another business-focused area filled with high-rises and office buildings. Clayton is far more than meets the eye – it is the home to a variety of specialty restaurants, boutiques, and recreational outlets. Not to mention, it is only a 15 minute drive from other thriving areas in the St. Louis region. So, if you want to experience the most of St. Louis in a short amount of time, this city is a perfect hub for you to ground yourself in.

Eureka: The Ultimate Mixing Pot in St. Louis

Corporate housing Saint Louis can be dangerous because the rental options are just that good. After living in somewhere like Eureka, you might find it hard to pack up and leave when your trip has come to an end. It offers an exciting mixture of outdoor activities, tourist attractions, and local traditions. Your corporate apartment will be walking distance from a bustling city center and just a twenty minute drive from downtown Saint Louis. Can’t decide between traditional or contemporary? Want to enjoy the calming presence of nature, but also get involved in an active community?  Eureka is the perfect area for residents and visitors who want to have their cake and eat it too.

St. Louis Corporate Housing can find you a unique apartment to call your temporary home, even on short notice. Our team has years of experience building relationships, getting to know our clients, and narrowing down tough choices. Don’t let the thought of relocating leave you unsettled – contact one of our professionals to find a corporate apartment in the neighborhood that is right for you.