Gringo's in the Central West End is a hit!

Had the Fam out to dinner at Gringo's last night - and it was  - muchas bueno! (Ok - we really are Gringo's aren't we?) Anywho, I got the Ray Mysterio Jr. with carnitas (yum) as did EV. Sticks got the Eddie Guerrero (wet) and CJ got the Veggie Torta (ever the purest...) All were pleased with the meal and the service. Gringo Margarita is good, but not huge, and for $6.50 each, it's kinda pricy. Especially when you have 12. (Kidding!) Gringo fries are also good, as were the chips (green sauce - good, red, not as much). Overall, a pleasant experience on an uncommonly cool day for the middle of Summer!

- Rich

General Manager

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