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Traveling For Business? Relocating? Insurance Related Needs? Separation/Divorce? We Can Help.

Who does St. Louis Corporate Housing work with? What types of needs do we help with? Here's just a few:

Business travelers needing a temporary home, for long or short term, in St. Louis. We provide everything that you need in a home away from home.

Relocations: whether you're relocation for business or other needs, we provide you with a safe, comfortable home while you become familiar with the area and search for your permanent residence. Some of our clients even decide to stay at our locations!

Insurance related needs. Our Tenants include families and individuals whose current homes have damage and need to temporarily relocate while things are being repaired. Rentals can be as short as one month, though a typical rental is three months minimum.

Military: our tenants include members of our armed forces who need temporary housing while they are in town for training, temporary assignment, or are relocating. We have multiple apartments available in the St. Louis area, and several near Scott Air Force base in southern Illinois.

• Individuals who need a temporary residence because of a separation or divorce. We provide a complete, comfortable home in these times of need.

Our St. Louis corporate apartments are fully furnished with everything that you need on a daily basis. A full list of what we include is at this link. Our pricing is all-inclusive, and includes all utilities, high-speed wireless internet and cable TV. There is also no tax - the price that we give you is the price that you pay.

If you'd like to get started, click here!

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