What is the Price for the Least Expensive, Fully Furnished Apartments that St. Louis Corporate Housing has?

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St. Louis Corporate Housing has availability at hundreds of apartments throughout the St. Louis and Southern Illinois region. Our least expensive units for a short-term rental start at $1,950 right now, for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit. If you can sign a one-year lease, we can get a lower rate. People ask me all the time about being able to reduce our pricing, but we are typically the least expensive, fully furnished apartment option in the St. Louis region. Our pricing is mostly based on what apartments charge us.

While pricing does fluctuate wildly depending on several factors (see blog post to come), bottom-line pricing has not changed that much in the past year, so our least expensive options are at this price point for now. Keep in mind, though, that each of St. Louis Corporate Housings' units come fully furnished, with all utilities included. You get high-speed, wireless internet, and electric, gas (where applicable), water, sewer and trash bill are all included in one, set price. Each of our units comes fully furnished, with all furniture, bedding, kitchen utensils, silverware, etc. A full list of what you get is at this link.

The price we give you is the price you pay - and with no taxes like a hotel. Our rates are also usually lower any other corporate housing company in St. Louis. St. Louis Corporate Housing provides clean, safe, secure - and fully decorated units. Let St. Louis Corporate Housing help you with your temporary, fully furnished apartments in St. Louis, MO. Give us a call now at 314-800-5773, or fill out this form to get started. St. Louis Corporate Housing - we make St. Louis Living EASY!