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What is the Shortest Lease that You Can Get? One Month, but...

We received multiple inquiries every day, where people have Googled 'corporate housing St. Louis' or 'St. Louis Corporate Housing' and have landed on our site. These visitors are looking for temporary, furnished corporate apartments for short or long term stays in the St. Louis area. Several times a day, I'm asked for leases that are less than one month.

So the question is: 'What is the shortest lease that St. Louis Corporate Housing will do?' The short answer is: one month.

But - we have multiple, fully-furnished, all-inclusive apartments, and work with hundreds of apartment communities in the St. Louis area. When we have open units, we can do leases for as short as one month. When our inventory is full, though, (as it is a majority of the time), our shortest lease is three months. This is because most apartment communities will only rent for that short of a period.

Each of St. Louis Corporate Housings' units come complete, with all utilities included. High-speed, wireless internet, electric, gas (where applicable), water, sewer and trash bill are all figured into the one, set price you pay for monthly rentals. Each of our units comes fully furnished, with all furniture, bedding, kitchen utensils, silverware, etc. A full list of what you get is at this link.

Everything is included for one set, low price, with no taxes like a hotel. Our rates are comparable, if not consistently lower and any other corporate housing company in St. Louis. St. Louis Corporate Housing prides itself on having clean, safe, secure, and nicely decorated units, which are a unique change of pace from the normal, overpriced, nationwide, big-box corporate housing companies that are out there.

Let St. Louis Corporate Housing help you with your temporary, fully furnished apartments in St. Louis, MO. Give us a call now at 314-800-5773, or fill out this form to get started:

St. Louis Corporate Housing - we make St. Louis Living EASY!

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