Where do you need to stay? Where to shop! Corporate Housing in St. Louis, Missouri...

Downtown St. Louis Apartments, Fully Furnished, The Laurel

It’s all set: you are going to be living and/or working in St. Louis for a while.  You have the address of your place of business, you know what section of town you’re going to be working in… but you do not have any clue as to where you should live during that time. Your stay is too long to justify paying for a hotel the entire time (and aren’t most employers always searching for ways to save money?); you do not intend to make the move permanent, so you don’t want to sign a long-term lease.  Perhaps, you are coming to stay for a few months to visit family you have not seen in ages.

St. Louis Corporate Housing has temporary housing to meet your requirements, wherever you need to be in the city or surrounding area. 

New, furnished apartments are available in the revived and thriving Downtown sector, close to exciting things to do and fabulous restaurants! You’ll also find fun and unique boutique shopping downtown, as well as an active nightlife scene. St. Louis’s now-thriving downtown was awarded the World Leadership Award for Urban Renewal in 2013. Just south of downtown is Soulard, and the historic, purportedly haunted Lemp Brewery. STLCH offer several choices in downtown, Souland and neighoring city areas.

If you need to do business in St. Louis County, you should definitely consider living in one of our Clayton units. Clayton is the St. Louis County Government hub and the beginning of St. Louis County. The city of St. Louis was the county seat of St. Louis County, but separation of City and County was voted into law in 1876, with the actual split occurring the following year. Be sure you know which St. Louis government holds that historic documents you’re after, when you visit. In addition to St. Louis County government, Clayton also holds a number of festivals and fairs throughout the year, along with plenty of high-end shopping at the Galleria, completed in 2011. 

Brentwood is a superb place to stay right next to Clayton; it was voted the best place to buy a home in the St. Louis Region in a survey conducted by niche.com. Stay with us while you wait for your Brentwood home to be ready to move in.

St. Louis Corporate Housing also offers you extended-stay housing in the more affluent zone of West County, Mo. Be sure to be visit the upscale shopping at West County Center while you're here.

More housing exists with us in the South County section of St. Louis, located close to the South County shopping center.

South County, West County, and the Galleria all boast their flagship store, Nordstrom, as well as other shopping mall standards.

If shopping is on your list of things to do, St. Louis Corporate Housing has you covered for the length of your temporary extended stay, three months to two years (special cases). We look forward to having you as a guest in one of our units!