Corporate Housing - Fully Furnished Apartments

Business travelers and consultants require special accommodations that allow them to focus on the task at hand rather than dealing with the details of day-to-day lodging. We serve clients who are undergoing intensive training, short or long-term construction assignments or consulting jobs with an undetermined end date. We also provide a local "home base" to commuters who travel into town during the week and back to their permanent residence on the weekend. Your corporate housing suite is a place where you don't have to check in and out every week, figure out how you will get internet access, or lug your suitcase and personal belongings around with you. St. Louis Corporate Housing can provide that convenient home away from home with the space, furniture and connectivity you need to setup your office and also relax comfortably when the workday is over. We operate extended stay corporate housing communities in the entire St. Louis metropolitan area. Get Started