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St. Louis Corporate Housing offers the best in an corporate apartments for the St. Louis area. Our accommodations include fully furnished, one, two and three bedroom corporate apartments. We service the entire St. Louis Area, including Clayton, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, and both O'Fallon Missouri & O'Fallon Illinois. Each corporate apartment comes complete with all furniture and all utilities paid. Our pricing for corporate housing St Louis is all inclusive: you pay one, low price for everything, with no taxes like hotels.

Trend in Corporate Housing Sector

Furnished corporate housing societies and furnished apartments in the US are increasingly being constructed owing to its high demand from citizens, especially military personnel, government officers, and corporate executives. These people prefer to live in corporate housing schemes because of high packaging services offered by real estate entities. In the past decade, such a concept of corporate housing was not existent and instead, people merely could get inhabitancy in residential projects.

Getting Ready for Your St. Louis Business Trip

Sometimes work requires y to get up and go without much time to prepare, nonetheless get to know the area we’re heading to. Thankfully, corporate housing is a cost-effective way for companies to send their employees around the country without much leg work. Our St. Louis corporate apartments come fully furnished to minimize the stress of relocating on short notice. That being said, there are few best practices you should keep in mind when planning your trip.

What Hotels Don’t Want You to Know About Corporate Housing

When is the last time you stayed in a hotel or extended stay facility and got everything you wanted? Hotels aren’t designed to provide a highly personalized experience. Since the average length of stay in a hotel is a few days or less, it doesn’t make sense for them to spend time investing in added luxuries. It’s a perfect short-term solution, but it doesn’t offer much flexibility to someone who plans to stay for a longer period of time.

What to Expect from Your Corporate Housing Kitchen

Corporate housing has a wide variety of benefits for someone in search of a short-term lease. If you’re planning an extended trip to Saint Louis, you area probably trying to figure out how much everything is going to cost you. One day-to-day expense that can add up is quickly is your meals. Whether you are ordering room service or eating out frequently, the cost of your trip can raise quickly when your dining options are limited.

Beyond the Normal Corporate Housing St Louis Experience - What Makes Us Different [Updated 2020]

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Corporate Housing in St. Louis : The Difference

Maybe you've been there before: signed up with one of those national or regional chains that put you into something that wasn't something that you'd consider to be very good, and then take care of you afterwards. That will not happen to you with St. Louis Corporate Housing, because we are not your typical corporate housing company. Here's why we're the best choice for your needs in St. Louis:

Traveling For Business? Relocating? Insurance Related Needs? Separation/Divorce? We Can Help.

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Who does St. Louis Corporate Housing work with? What types of needs do we help with? Here's just a few:

Business travelers needing a temporary home, for long or short term, in St. Louis. We provide everything that you need in a home away from home.

Relocations: whether you're relocation for business or other needs, we provide you with a safe, comfortable home while you become familiar with the area and search for your permanent residence. Some of our clients even decide to stay at our locations!

What is the Price for the Least Expensive, Fully Furnished Apartments that St. Louis Corporate Housing has?

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St. Louis Corporate Housing has availability at hundreds of apartments throughout the St. Louis and Southern Illinois region. Our least expensive units for a short-term rental start at $1,950 right now, for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit. If you can sign a one-year lease, we can get a lower rate. People ask me all the time about being able to reduce our pricing, but we are typically the least expensive, fully furnished apartment option in the St. Louis region. Our pricing is mostly based on what apartments charge us.

What is the Shortest Lease that You Can Get? One Month, but...

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We received multiple inquiries every day, where people have Googled 'corporate housing St. Louis' or 'St. Louis Corporate Housing' and have landed on our site. These visitors are looking for temporary, furnished corporate apartments for short or long term stays in the St. Louis area. Several times a day, I'm asked for leases that are less than one month.

So the question is: 'What is the shortest lease that St. Louis Corporate Housing will do?' The short answer is: one month.

Unfamiliar with St. Louis? Please Let us Know!

Corporate Housing St. Louis Locations

The various types of corporate housing St. Louis has to offer provides a wide range of possiblities. Areas of town, properties, amenities, convenience, and area attractions are but a small portion of the things to consider when you're looking for fully furnished apartments for a short - or long term - stay in St. Louis. Our customers include individuals and companies who have vastly different levels of experience with our city.

Locations in St. Louis: Areas, Preferences - and Options

Corporate Apartments in West St. Louis County, Reflection Cove

With dozens of locations to choose from, St. Louis Corporate Housing offers a wide variety of properties and amenities for corporate housing and other temporary stays in the St. Louis area. But one of the most often asked for preferences is location, usually close to a temporary or permanent employment location, relative, or area attraction. While your initial reaction may be to find a community close to one of these locations, this 'proximity factor' can often be outweighed by -

Where do you need to stay? Where to shop! Corporate Housing in St. Louis, Missouri...

Downtown St. Louis Apartments, Fully Furnished, The Laurel

It’s all set: you are going to be living and/or working in St. Louis for a while.  You have the address of your place of business, you know what section of town you’re going to be working in… but you do not have any clue as to where you should live during that time. Your stay is too long to justify paying for a hotel the entire time (and aren’t most employers always searching for ways to save money?); you do not intend to make the move permanent, so you don’t want to sign a long-term lease.  Perhaps, you are coming to stay for a few months to visit family you have not seen in ages.

Multiple Communities to choose

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St. Louis Corporate Housing continues to expand our network of apartment communities and locations where we have fully furnished apartments. For ease of use for our potential tenants, we've started a property location page, which will highlight all of the different apartment complexes that we work with. This new page will show the variety and multitude of choices that one can pick from when in the St. Louis area for corporate travel, vacation, visiting family, insurance needs or medical situations. Areas that we now work with include (but are not limited to):

What are the MOST central locations in St. Louis?

We get asked all of the time where is the best place to live in St. Louis, but we also get asked: what is the most central place to be? This is especially important when it comes to Corporate Housing. St. Louis is really not that bad when it comes to traffic, and you can get almost anywhere in the city (non rush-hour) in 20 to 30 minutes. But to be in the best, most central location, our suggestions would be:

University City
Central West End

Gringo's in the Central West End is a hit!

Gringo's in the Central West End is a hit!

Had the Fam out to dinner at Gringo's last night - and it was  - muchas bueno! (Ok - we really are Gringo's aren't we?) Anywho, I got the Ray Mysterio Jr. with carnitas (yum) as did EV. Sticks got the Eddie Guerrero (wet) and CJ got the Veggie Torta (ever the purest...) All were pleased with the meal and the service. Gringo Margarita is good, but not huge, and for $6.50 each, it's kinda pricy. Especially when you have 12. (Kidding!) Gringo fries are also good, as were the chips (green sauce - good, red, not as much).

Why Corporate Housing in St. Louis needs 'boots on the ground'...

Why Corporate Housing in St. Louis needs 'boots on the ground

As with any city anywhere in the world, if you're born and raised there, you're going to know that town better than someone who wasn't. One of the biggest benefits of working with St. Louis Corporate Housing, is that every one of our associates is a St. Louis native. So we're not only knowledgeable about restaurants, shopping, sports and entertainment venues etc., but we can offer an insiders-view of the pulse of what's going on in the St. Louis area. The history of St. Louis also plays a big part in it's future, and St.